Sacred Centres. For sale. Framed 24 X 24 inches £495. o.n.o.

The design Sacred Centres came together in the context of a friend who asked me to design a cover for a cassette that has four tracks, Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. When discussing the design we decided to include the principles of male/female, the elements, and the seven chakras.

The male/female aspect is represented by the Yin Yang. The seven chakras are painted in the colours of the rainbow and form the vertical axis in the design. The elements are represented around the periphery as part of the reference to the signs of the zodiac. Although the vertical axis is most apparent in this design the horizontal axis is implied in a subtle manner by the positioning of the Yin Yang on its side. The Heart Chakra is in the centre of the circle at the point of maximum intensity of light.

This mandala explores another principle not yet mentioned and that is the relationship between the microcosm and the macrocosm. The microcosm is represented by the chakras symbolizing the spinal column of the human being and it is shown to be existing in the wider context of the astronomical/astrological macrocosmic dimension represented by the signs of the zodiac. At the reduced size of the print, the signs of the zodiac may not be visible, but the signs and elements are indicated around the outside of the mandala.